Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After such great weather it is hard to believe that school will start in two weeks.  I am looking forward to welcoming all of the new grade 7 students as well as seeing the returning grade 8 students.  The new year always brings new challenges and opportunities to gain new knowledge.  It will be nice getting back into the routine and I must admit that I miss the smell of the art supplies always present in room 104.

Speaking of supplies, I want to make incoming grade 7 students aware that you need to purchase (either) a sketchbook or a sturdy pocket folder filled with some plain white printer paper.  The sketchbook or pocket folder will allow us to complete warm up activities in art class as well as keep them organized.  If you choose to go the sketchbook route do not purchase a very expensive one.  A 9"X12'" sketchbook purchased at Target, Wall-mart or Staples should only cost about $2.00 to $3.00.  However, you can opt for the less expensive pocket folder route.  Additionally, it is also a good idea to purchase several pencils for class.  Enjoy the rest of vacation and see you soon. Hopefully Grade 8 students should still have their sketchbooks from last year.


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