Friday, November 7, 2014


Grade 7 - For the past few weeks grade 7 students have been busy sketching and creating large, close-up flower paintings.  The flower paintings Giorgia O'Keeffe created were viewed for inspiration.  Students used water soluble pastels for this project which allowed them to blend and fade color.  The photographs below provide a glimpse of the project.

Grade 8 - I enjoy creating collages with my students -although at the end of the day it can make the art room look like a tornado passed through- because they become a catalyst for creative thinking. After spending  time discussing Cubism and the goals of Cubist artist - fractured planes, multiple viewpoints, flat space - we worked on creating collages in the manner of Cubist artist such as Pablo Picasso and George Braque.  We kept the principles of design in mind -Emphasis, Balance, Proportion, Unity/ Variety, Rhythm and Pattern - when constructing the collage.  The photographs below provide a view of the project in action.  The finished results are hanging in the cafeteria and they are impressive.

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