Monday, March 7, 2016

Invention/Product of Technology - 7th Grade Homework Instructions

CTD CLASS – Invention Timeline Homework

Ten points will be deducted from your overall grade fro project turned in late without a valid excuse.

Assignment:  Use the Internet to research an invention or product of technology.   Find 15 facts about the invention and present the 15 facts on a creative poster or 3-Dimensional model. Some possible choices are: Computer, Television, Airplane, Telephone, Refrigerator, Penicillin, Musical Instruments, Shoes, Radar, Telescope, Microscope Light Bulb, Clock, X-Ray, etc.


  • Choose an invention or product of technology you find interesting and would like to learn more about.
  • Through Internet research uncover fifteen facts about your chosen subject.  Hint when searching for your facts type “history” or “timeline” of the (product you chose)” into an internet search engine such as Google for better results.
  • Retype or rewrite the facts.  Do not “copy/paste” directly from the web-site to your word document and glue to your poster.  If the fact is long, shorten to one or two sentences.  The facts should include the year (if available), a brief description of the development for that year and any person or company responsible for contributing to the advancement of the product.
  • If possible try to locate information from several decades.  (Might be difficult for recent products such as the I-Pod but easier for inventions like the airplane.)
  • Your project can be either a 2-D (poster) or a 3-D (model)
  • List the web page/URL address on your model.  I will subtract 12 points from your grade if the internet site is not listed.

Check with me if you are unsure about an invention or product.  Remember, the game of football is not a product of technology, but football equipment is.


15 interesting facts with information relating to your chosen subject (up to 40 points).

Information is presented in a neat, easy-to-read, creative 2-D or 3-D format (up to 48 points)

Web page(s) or URL address the information was retrieved from (12 Points)

You may receive up to 5 additional, extra-credit homework points for outstanding effort and creativity.  Keep in mind the examples I have shown you in class.

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