Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trimester Update for CTD Class

Happy Fall everyone. Although we only started school a few weeks ago we got right to work in CTD class.  Since students are in class for only 30 classes a year, time is a precious commodity.  Grade 7 started the year learning about the development of technology and the positive and negative impacts of technology  on our daily lives.  We watched an interesting TED Talk from Hugh Herr.  He is a scientist at MIT working in Bionics.  I've included a link below if you are interested in watching the video.  It is a worthwhile investment of your time.

Next for Grade 7 was the Structure Unit.  After learning about loads, forces and the different types of structures we began our problem solving challenges.  First up  was "The Squeeze Is On".  Students had to build a structure capable of supporting a heavy load, however they could only use paper, straws and tape.  The next challenge was "Building Up".  Students had to design and create a tall structure using only one sheet of 12"X 12" paper and six inches of tape.  I've included some photographs below of the results.  Currently the students are finishing up The Balsa Wood Towers.  I will post later about the results.

Grade 8 started the year learning about Communication Technology Systems and how the different parts work to help humans send and receive messages.  Our first problem solving project was "The Pringle Challenge".  Using the steps of The Engineering Design Process students had to design and construct a package that would protect a single Pringle potato chip from harm during impact testing.
Currently the students are working on constructing Balsa Wood Bridges in class and should be working on their "Egg Cars" at home (Due Monday).  I've posted a few pictures of the "Pringle Challenge" and some bridges being constructed below.  I will post photographs of the Egg Cars soon.

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