Saturday, August 19, 2017

Welcome Back!

                                                                                                     Painting by Winslow Homer

I hope everyone had a restful summer and will get a chance to enjoy the last week before we start another school year.  I spent the summer with my family and our new dog, doing a little traveling, some construction work around the house, unpacking and preparing the rooms in the new school and playing my guitar. I am looking forward and very excited to start another year in our brand new school.  I am almost finished setting up the new ART and STEAM (yes CTD will now be called Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math or STEAM) rooms to welcome students.  With the additional space and new equipment (such as a kiln) I will be able to create new lesson plans and project ideas.  I am also thrilled to be teaching a five grade 6 classes this year.  I have not taught grade 6 for several years and it allows me to use other areas of our curriculum. I hope you get a chance to attend the open house next week to visit your new school.  I am planning to be there, so drop in and say hello. 

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