Thursday, January 18, 2018

Looonnngggg Overdue Update

My apologies for such a long span between posts.  To make a long story short....lost phone, lost photographs.  New phone and it's time to show everyone what has been happening in Room 2021A.  We are in the middle of the second trimester and despite a few snow days students have been busy creating, problem solving and doing some critical thinking.  

Grade 6 art classes are currently working on a Radial Symmetry project which allows them to discover positive and negative space.  

Grade 7 art classes just completed a unit on Value.  They learned how to use shading and value to create light, shadows and forms.  They just started a unit on Watercolor Landscapes.

Grade 8 art classes are in the middle of a clay unit.  They are creating "Pinch Bowls" to explore a variety of clay hand building techniques.

Grade 7 STEAM classes are working on their "Structures" unit.  They are learning about the different types of structures and the loads and forces the structures are subjected to.  After building two types of paper structures, they moved on to constructing balsa wood towers.  Once completed the balsa wood towers will be stress tested.  
The photographs below illustrate some of the work described above.

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