Wednesday, September 17, 2014

                          Grade 8 "EGG CAR" Homework Project - Due October 1

These are the same instruction I provided in class.  I have also included a few examples of student projects.

CTD Class – Transportation Technology: Engineering Safer Automobiles 
Background: We can all agree that automobiles have forever changed our lives.  However, with all of the many benefits and conveniences there are some negative impacts.  First on the list would be safety for the occupants.  Since cars can travel at great speeds the need to design and build safe vehicles is a crucial task for engineers.  Today cars are safer than ever due to improved seat belts, air bags and state of the art chassis.
For this homework assignment you will take on the role of an automobile safety engineer to design and build a vehicle capable of keeping your passenger (one raw egg) safe during a simulated crash.  Put on your thinking caps and start designing.

Objective: Design and build a vehicle capable of transporting and protecting one raw egg during three impacts with a concrete barrier.

Specifications and Constraints for building the vehicle:
·         You may use any material to build your vehicle except foam, Styrofoam and/or bubble wrap.  Milk cartons, juice bottles and small boxes make great  car chassis.  I will provide wheels and axles.
·         You will receive up to 10 points for vehicles built out of materials that would get thrown away or recycled.
·         The vehicle must roll freely down the ramp.  No braking devices.
·         The vehicle can’t be larger than 20” long or 14” wide
·         You may use a bumper, but please do not make it more than 2” thick.
·         You can use tape, glue, nails, hot glue guns, screws or any other fastening device to assemble the vehicle.
·         I will supply the egg on test day.  Please make sure a part of the egg is always visible from the outside of the car.

Specifications and Constraints for protecting the egg.  These are the only materials allowed to touch and protect the egg.   All other materials may result in points deducted from your grade.  Ask me if unsure
·         String (any type including cloth and yarn)                                       
·         Straws
·         Rubber Bands (any size)
·         Cardboard
·         Up to three sheets of printer paper

Evaluation/Grading – A rubric will be used to assess the five areas below:
·         Creative problem solving (is your vehicle creative and unique?)    Up to 40 points
·         Construction (Is everything put together well?)                            Up to 25 points
·         Egg Safety (Did your egg survive all three test runs?)                    Up to 15 points
·         Completed self-assessment sheet turned in on time                     Up to 10 points
  Use of throw away or recycled material used to construct the vehicle.  Up to 10 points

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