Thursday, September 11, 2014

Grade 8 CTD Class – Trimester 1

What is the Engineering Design Process?

The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is a series of steps that engineers follow to design, develop and produce solutions to specific problems.  In a nutshell: state the problem, research the problem, develop possible solutions, choose the best solution, build a model or prototype, test and evaluate the solution and finally, either communicate the results or redesign if needed. We utilize the EDP often in Critical Thinking and Design class.  For our first cooperative project,  Grade 8 students had to use the EDP to solve the following problem - Design a tool or device that could be used to rescue a person trapped in a well( a golf ball represented the person and 2”PVC pipe represented the well).  To build the tool, students were limited to the following materials: eight Popsicle sticks, two straws, two pipe cleaners, unlimited tape and unlimited string.  Below are photographs of a few solutions and engineering in action.  As any engineer will tell you, setbacks and failures are part of the learning curve.  The students discovered that redesigns were necessary to achieve success. The students developed many creative solutions and the success rate was 90%.

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